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Victor Ortiz

Clincal Director

Victor Ortiz - Orthopaedics and Soft Tissue
Victor Ortiz LV CertAVP(GSAS) PGCertVPS MRCVS Orthopaedics and Soft Tissue

RCVS Advanced Practitioner in Small Animal Surgery

Victor qualified from the University of Leon (Spain) in 2009. During his last few years at university and during another six months after graduation Victor was part of the Surgery Department at the university. Shortly after he came over to work to the UK and completed a rotating internship at NKR referrals.

After his first internship Victor spend two years working in first opinion practice and another six months as an emergency veterinary surgeon, at this point he completed a second rotating internship at the Royal Veterinary College.

After completing his second internship, Victor became the principal veterinary surgeon for Vetsnow Hemel Hempstead, after this he moved onto a first opinion job with a higher surgical load as he needed more surgical cases for his certificate. He was also the clinical director at Vetsavers Northampton before coming to Byre as clinical director for the first opinion and referral sites.

Victor is studying towards the CertAVP in surgery, which is near completion, he has also published peer reviewed articles and presented at national and international level.


Ortiz, V., Day, R., Klein, L., Simpson, B., Gilbert, R., Caddy, S., L., (2018). Evaluating the effect of metronidazole plus amoxicillin‐clavulanate versus amoxicillin‐clavulanate alone in canine haemorrhagic diarrhoea: a randomised controlled trial in primary care practice. Journal of Small Animal Practice, 59(7), 398-403.

Ortiz, V., Cloup, E., Ortiz, A. Acute abdomen secondary to nodular fat necrosis in a cat. Case report. (Published online in Veterinary Record Case Reports 24th October 2018).

Ortiz, V., Arthurs, G., Kulendra, N. (2018) Distal plate fracture as a novel complication following TTA surgery in two dogs. (published online in Veterinary Record Case Reports 22nd December 2018)
Bristow, P., Tivers, M., Packer, R., Brockman, D., Ortiz, V., Newson, K., Lipscomb, V. (2017). Long‐term serum bile acid concentrations in 51 dogs after complete extrahepatic congenital portosystemic shunt ligation. Journal of Small Animal Practice, 58(8), 454-460.

Bristow, P., Lipscomb, V., Kummeling, A., Packer, R., Gerrits, H., Homan, K. Ortiz, V., Tivers, M. Health Related Quality of Life following Surgical Attenuation of Congenital Portosystemic Shunts versus Healthy Controls. Journal of Small Animal Practice. (Published online in Journal of Small Animal Practice 25th September 2018).


Ortiz, V., Lam, R., ter Haar, G. Comparison of long term outcome of cats with and without clinical inner ear disease undergoing ventral bulla osteotomy. – presented as oral communication at ECVS meeting 2016 (Lisbon).

Ortiz, V., Perez, L., Caddy, S.L. Antibiotic selection in canine haemorrhagic gastroenteritis: First results of a randomized blinded clinical trial. – presented as an oral communication at BSAVA congress 2017 (Birmingham).