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Pet Owners

What to expect when your pet is referred

Pet Owners

What to expect when your pet is referred

  • Booking an Appointment
  • The Initial Consultation
  • Treatment and Costs
  • Treatment and Admission
  • Updates
  • Discharge

Booking an Appointment

Before meeting you and your pet, we will have been in touch with your vet to discuss your pet’s health and treatment history. We will contact you to arrange a convenient appointment on a day and time that suits you.

The Initial Consultation

When you arrive at Byre Veterinary Referrals you will be greeted by one of our friendly support team. Your consulting Vet will spend 45-60 minutes with you to gain an understanding of your pets illness or injury. We may ask you to bring your pets treatment history, test results, x-rays or medications that your pet may have with you.

Treatment and Costs

We will discuss with you the treatment options to improve your pet's health, and then discuss with you what options are available to you and the cost to ensure you have a thorough understanding to make an informed decision. You are under no obligation to go ahead with the treatment. 

If your pet is covered by insurance you will need to contact your insurance company to inform them that your pet has been referred and bring your insurance policy details and a claim form with you.

Treatment and Admission

In some cases the proposed procedure may only take a few hours and you may choose to wait. In other cases you may prefer to go home, particularly if your pet is required to stay overnight.


You will be contacted by our team to give you an update on your pet’s progress. When your pet is ready to come home, we will call you to arrange a convenient time for you to collect your pet.


We will arrange a convenient time for you to collect your pet. When you collect your pet, we will advise you of any after-care required and give you a going home pack. All your pet’s notes will be forwarded to your vet.

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